About Gem MartWe have a passion for gem stones & jewelry

Our strong inventory consists of diamonds, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, fancy colour sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites & various other precious gems. Our strong grading standards & our professionalism along with personalized services will certainly cater to all your requirements with the assurance of the most competitive prices & prompt service. We also manufacture jewelry on order basis. We constantly evolve to meet your demands & now accommodate precision cut & custom cut orders with our in-house lapidary.

Our strong sourcing of raw materials gives us a competitive edge to supply premium quality and reasonably priced goods. Products we can supply range from high end exclusive single pieces & calibrated sizes to commercial quality.

Gemmart was established in 2004 in Dubai by Atishaya Mutha, backed by his father, Mr. Vimal Mutha’s experience of over 20 years in India and Thailand.

Atishaya is a GIA graduate with a passion for colored stones. He is trusted by most of the Jewelers in Dubai as an appraiser for gem stones.

We started by creating a market for coloured stones in this region. When we entered the market, there was hardly any awareness for colored stones other than the big 3 - emerald, ruby and sapphire. We pioneered introducing various other coloured stones in the market, which were previously perceived as semi-precious. We differed in the terminology. As all the coloured stones being natural and rare can more justifiably be termed as precious - their value might differ based on the demand and availability.

Atishaya Mutha